Enter the Star Wars Age: Car designer builds road legal Extra Terrestrial Cars

Designer Mike Vetter developed the idea for cars that we have only seen in science fiction movies when he wanted to build a sports car with back seats so his little daughter accompany him in his joy rides. And the result is before you.


Mike basically takes regular cars as donors that customers supply him with and makes a series of modifications like extension of the chassis, re-alignment of the suspension and more. Once the skeleton is ready the cars gets an all-new custom built body frame that is made of Tubular steel which is later clad in custom fibreglass skin along with specially designed parts. The interiors too come with custom modification to match the exterior persona.

If you are thinking that these cars will only be good for staying in your garage as souvenirs, than sadly you are mistaken. Every ETV built by Mike Vetter is road legal and can clock a top speed up to 170 kmph. The cars that Mike as transformed in to ETV include Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Prius, Porsche Boxster and many others. Each ETV that Mike builds has sold from as much as USD 75,000 to a staggering UDS 250,000 and takes maximum up to 6 month to completely develop.