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GoldPlus, one of the largest chains of jewellery-makers in Tamil Nadu has unveiled a Tata Nano that is priced as much as an Aston Martin One-77. It may not be even half as fast as the One-77, but comes with so much jewellery that it will fancy your girlfriend more than the Aston Martin would.  Also Read - Google Pixel 4's Motion Sense gestures likely to work in 53 regions and support 23 media apps at launch: Report

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The Goldplus Nano comes with 80 kilos of 22-carat gold, 15 kilos of silver and 10,000 semi-precious stones. Sure, it will never, ever, make it to production; but with all that jewellery it wears, the Goldplus Nano costs Rs 22 crore. Goldplus made this Nano to commemorate 5,000 years of the jewellery industry.

Now an interesting fact here is, Mclaren made use of gold in their insulation panels because they say it has the highest heat resistance.