Jaguar Land Rover must have won a lot of customers' hearts but there's nothing in the line-up that comes close to the F-Type and the new Range Rover. Range Rover's range seems to be expanding, with new models like the LWB and a possible Sport RS in the future, can the Jaguar F-Type remain without a hotter, more focussed version?

Hardcore Jaguar F-Type R-S on the cards

The latest report by Autocar claims says that the Jag will get two new models based on the F-Type Coupe. One is the F-Type R-S while the other is the F-Type R-S GT. F-Type Coupe was recently unveiled at the LA Auto Show and it looks quite striking, good enought to snatch some of its convertible sibling's fans.

Also, since it's a Coupe, driving dynamics are going to be a tad better, and if the two of the hotter versions make it to the market, expect the F-Type to take the sportscar game to yet another level.

Source: Autocar UK