Holi, a festive of colour is undoubtedly one of the most loved festivities in the country which signifies love as well as positivity. However, this festival also brings lots of water and colours which can be a big concern for you as removing stains from the vehicle does become a tedious job to do. It is better to prevent your vehicle from such stains, as it is rightly said – prevention is better than cure. So this Holi, we list down some tricks along with tips which will help you to keep your car and bike safe from the damage.Also Read - Viral Videos: Taliban Militants Ride in Bumper Cars With Guns, Have Fun at Kabul Amusement Park After Capturing Afghanistan | Watch

Cover your vehicle: One of the simplest and conventional way of protecting your car or bike from getting drenched in Holi colours is to simply cover the vehicle with plastic covers. Remember, the fibre covers will not be as effective as plastic covers, so use only plastic covers to protect your vehicle from colours. Also Read - Man Under Influence of Alcohol Climbs Water Tank & Does a Hilarious Drunk Dance | Watch Video

Park your vehicle at a right spot: Another easiest way to keep your vehicle safe during Holi is to park the vehicle at a right spot where chances of people playing Holi is minimal. You can park your car or bike in a drive way, thus chances of people arriving near your vehicle and playing Holi will be very less. Also Read - Farah Khan Calls Malaika Arora ‘Kameeniii’ For Being so Sexy on Holi- Check Out The Post

Polish your vehicle: Another effective way of protecting your car or bike during this Holi is to apply wax prior to the festival as a part of precautionary measure. Wash your vehicle properly and then apply a coat of wax polish which will serve the need of keeping your vehicle safe from Holi stains. If your vehicle was recently purchased, Teflon coating will also do the needful.

Interior protection: If your vehicle will be used this Holi, make sure you follow some precautionary for the interiors as well. Using of big polythene bags for the headrest and backrest can be easy option for protecting them. Moreover, old curtains and towels can also be used as an alternative to protect interiors.

Food wrap or cling wrap is your friend: Another way of protecting your interiors is by using food wrap or cling film. Covering steering wheels, gear knobs and internal door handles with cling film and food wrap will prevent colour getting on it.

Avoid detergents: Washing your vehicle with household detergents is an easy way to get rid of stains but it will remove the polish film from the vehicle s surface. Using of harsh detergents is suggested only if regular car shampoo and water does not work.