Hyundai i30 creates high interest at Frankfurt Also Read - Can You Catch Coronavirus From Fruits And Vegetables?

What: Hyundai i30 Also Read - Only Patients, Students and People With Disabilities to Get Railway Concessions for Bookings as of Now

Is it a concept or production ready? Production ready but not here. The i30 is headed to the US to take on the Ford Focus and Mazda3. Also Read - Olympics Postponement Blessing in Disguise: India Dragflicker Gurjit Singh

Is it a launch or preview? It is a preview but the launch isn't too far away.

Why is it important? The i30 takes Hyundai's sedans a step further by entering the touring category. The car's nomeclature comes from its predecessor that was launched in Europe in 2007. The new i30 again is designed in Germany but will first run on American roads before being introduced in Europe. The car also carries forward the new Fluidic design language with many lines and an aggressive front.

Is it relevant to India? From everything we hear, it is not headed to India for a long, long time. But it's a Hyundai, a company that is known to throw in some surprises.