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As if the Genesis wasn't enough to rattle traditional sports car makers, rumours are now doing the rounds of Hyundai USA planning an even bigger sportscar; something that will rival the Corvette and 911. The rumours state that it will be a coupe, and buyers will get the same perks that the owners of the Equus full-size sedan have got: an iPad owner's manual and and pick-up and delivery if you don't want to take it to the service centre yourself. Front and mid-engine designs are being considered, and there already is a usable powerplant available: the Tao 5.0-litre V8 that powers the Genesis R-Spec with 430Ps. Drive for the supercar will go to the rear wheels – and here's where true speculation begins. If they bung in a manual gearbox, the closest one they have is the six-speed from the Genesis Coupe, but it won't handle the torque of the V8. The twin-clutch unit from the Veloster has been developed for front-wheel drive. If this supercar does materialise,  Also Read - Hyundai Set to Launch i20 in Middle of Next Year, Car's Unveiling at Auto Expo 2020

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