Maruti Suzuki India Limited today presented the Haryana Police Department with a total of 15 vehicles. These vehicle line-up includes 11 Ertigas, 2 Ertigas with interceptors and 2 Eeco ambulances. These vehicles will be used for improving road safety along with patrolling, surveillance and addressing medical emergencies on the highways and expressways. 

Presenting these vehicles Mr. C S Raju, Executive Director (HR), Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, “We at Maruti Suzuki are committed to promote Road Safety in the country. Together with Haryana Police, we intend to reduce road accidents in Haryana. We have set up Maruti Driving Schools (MDS), Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR) and Road Safety Knowledge Centres (RSKC) in the state to promote safe driving. By giving these vehicles, we are further extending our support to Haryana Police for making roads safer.” “Emergency care is one of the important area of concern when it comes to road safety. Through the two Eeco ambulances we aim to assist the Haryana Police provide immediate care to accident victims”, he added.

The 13 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga cars are customized to meet the Traffic Police requirement. They are fitted with accessories like Beacon Light, Siren, Public Address System and Body Graphics. Two of these Ertiga cars have interceptors equipped with laser based traffic speed video systems, printers, roof-mounted day and night all-weather PTZ cameras, LED monitor Roof light bars and public address mechanisms. The interceptors are also fitted with breath alcohol analyzers to detect if motorists are drunk. Additionally, the 2Eeco Ambulances will take care of rushing the injured in road accidents to medical aid.

Committed to create a long-term stakeholder value and benefit millions of lives through its CSR programmes, Maruti Suzuki strategically addresses issues and concerns that are of national interest and relevant to the society. As part of a well-rounded social strategy, it works to address road safety issues, create employable force by skilling youth in the automobile industry and undertake integrated water, sanitation and school up gradation programmes in village communities. Maruti Suzuki has taken various community development initiatives related to water and sanitation, education and infrastructure development. By adopting an inclusive and holistic approach the Company believes in implementing sustainable solutions resulting in long-term benefits to the communities.