Maruti Suzuki launches contest with McDonald's Also Read - After Zomato, Swiggy, McDonalds And Dominos Introduce 'Contactless' Delivery in India

Recently we told you about a contest where if you were a resident of a town in Rajasthan and gave up the ability to procreate, you could win a Tata Nano. Maruti Suzuki has quite the opposite idea; buy a meal at McDonald's and you can win a car for the whole family even if it is a large one – the family, not the meal. To enter the contest, you have to roll up (or walk in) to any McDonald's outlet in the south or west regions of the country, order a value meal, happy meal or breakfast meal, fill out the Eeco Happy Family contest form and wait for the results. The form contains questions about the Eeco, so make sure you brush up on your Suzuki Eeco (which you can do here) before you head over to your local McD. You'll also have to submit a witty slogan on the form, and the wittiest slogan wins.  Also Read - Trending News Today March 17, 2020: McDonald's, Domino's Introduce 'Contactless' Delivery Amid Coronavirus in India

The contest will close on July 30, so you've still got a couple of weeks to come up with a winning slogan. Make sure you've got your driver's licence handy!  Also Read - Kim Kardashian Reveals She Eats Chicken McNuggets Dipped in Honey, Leaves The Internet Divided