Maruti Suzki Omni that has been in the Indian car market since 1984 – close to the time when the iconic Maruti 800 made it's debut in the country – has today received a resurrection of sort. The Indian automaker has rolled out a Limited Edition of the Omni van with some updated features.


The Limited Edition Omni van has been packed with a new CD Player with Auxiliary port with 4-Speakers, new seat covers, floor mats and side rear view mirrors. 

Maruti Suzuki Omni Limited Edition launched

Initially introduced to cater to the big Indian families and their baggage, the Maruti Suzuki Omni then got sidelined and quietly shifted into the commercial vehicle segment due to flood of new cars, which entered the market. And stayed there with a commendable success rate, partly because of the image the 'Maruti Suzkuki' badge holds in the minds of the Indian consumers and partly because there wasn't and still isn't a worthy contender in the segment.