Merc builds twin torture chambers for testing Also Read - Mercedes Won’t Quit Formula 1, Says Toto Wolff

Mercedes-Benz has announced the completion of two climatic tunnels in Sindelfingen, Germany. The manufacturer already had wind tunnels, but those could be used for hot and cold temperature testing at moderate vehicle speeds, but the new ones can go from minus 40 degrees Celsius up to 60 degrees. The wind speed can be raised to hurricane levels, and rain, sleet, snow, rainforest humidity and desert air can all be simulated.  Also Read - Watch | This Russian YouTuber Dropped His Rs 1.4 Crore Mercedes From a Helicopter

Each tunnel has a twin-axle roller dyno, so speeds of up to 265kmph can be simulated as well. Different loads can be simulated as well, so uphill and downhill driving, traffic jams; they're all simulated in here.  Also Read - F1: Charles Leclerc Edge Past Lewis Hamilton And Valtteri Bottas to Win Ferrari's 1st Italian GP Title in 10 Years

The tunnels have been constructed because the temperatures available in nature aren't always extreme enough for testing vehicles, but Mercedes also says that on-road testing will not be ignored because of the tunnels. They will simply help speed up the process of parts selection for the actual road trials.