Mercedes celebrates 125 years with F-125! Also Read - Ajay Devgn Birthday: 11 Famous Dialogues of Actor That Every Movie Buff Knows by Heart

What: Mercedes Benz F-125! Also Read - China Reveals Over 1,300 Asymptomatic Cases of Coronavirus

Is it a concept or production ready? It's a concept that broke cover a couple of days ago before the official unveiling at Frankfurt. It also celebrates all that is good at Daimler. After all, the company has been making cars for 125 years now. That should give you an idea of why the car is named such. (But we do wonder what is the fascination with '!'. First, the guys at Volkswagen and now, Merc!) Also Read - Total COVID-19 Count Reaches 1834; Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu Report Highest Cases, Death Toll at 41 | Top Points

Is it a launch or preview? It's a preview but going by its sheer looks, we wont be seeing it anytime soon. But it is a nice way to celebrate the 125 years.

Why is it important? As far as luxurious, hybrid automobiles go, the F-125! has all the right ingredients. It takes the green technology to the next level with a lithium-sulphur battery and a unique e4MATIC-all-wheel drive with four wheel electric motors and inidivual torque control at each wheel. Most though, it is Merc's vision for the future. However, we sincerely hope that the future does not mean those seriously ugly stretched grille on the face of the car.

Is it relevant to India? Not really. But it is interesting for anyone keeping an eye on Frankfurt and Mercedes.