MVIs to inspect school transport vans in Kendrapara district

“Any sort of overloading of transport vehicles is unlawful. Vehicles carrying children beyond capacity strength would face penal action. Motor Vehicle Inspectors (MVIs) have been directed to inspect the school transport vans,” said Road Transport Officer (RTO), Kendrapara Lachman Sahool.


They (MVIs) have been asked to see that the school van is equipped with fitness certificate and its driver owned commercial motor transport license. The special drive on school transport is being carried out from now on, the RTO said.


The school authorities have also been directed to furnish the department with report on the mode of school transport and relevant documents of the school van and its driver, he added. In the Cuttack district school van mishap the van had no fitness certificate to ply on road.


It lacked eligibility of vehicular movement as its owner had defaulted in road tax payment. The driver of the van, who fled after the mishap, did not have the driving license for commercial transport, police said.