New Drug-Driving Rules UK: Driving under the influence becomes riskier as new law takes effect in England and Wales Also Read - John Stamos arrested for alleged driving under the influence

The Department of Transport (DoT) hopes to roll out more comprehensive roadside drugalysers at a later date. People using prescription drugs, including morphine and methadone, will not be penalised as long as levels are below those defined by the new law. Also Read - Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI again

The levels for illegal drugs are set much lower, with even a small amount leading to prosecution. The new law will complement existing rules, which make it an offence to drive when influenced by any drug.

A conviction for drug-driving will lead to a minimum one-year driving ban, a fine of up to USD 7,700, up to six months in prison and a criminal record, the DoT said. The offender's driving licence will also highlight the drug-driving conviction for 11 years.

The act was a much needed one most of the driver caught driving under influence are under-aged and such stern regulations can very well bring that number down. Moreover taking such measures all the more fortify road safety and traffic regulations.


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