Oncars Freedom Drive 2015: Delhi to Wagah Border - A Journey to capture the true 'Spirit of Independence'

The Oncars Freedom Drive will see 10 patriotic adventure enthusiasts come together with 2 Renault Dusters to commence a special journey of 3 days to celebrate the most glorious episode of our country. The journey, which commences today on August 14, will conclude on August 16 and will cover some of the most historically significant place between Delhi and Wagah Border like – Murthal, Panipat, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Ludhiana and Jalandhar.


During this special journey the team of oncars will also interact with the locals of the aforementioned places to find what they think about Independent India and the struggle it went through to achieve it.


With the onset of the 69th Independence Day, OnCars Freedom drive will make its way to Wagah border from the City of Amritsar. The only open legal border between India and Pakistan; this destination serves as the perfect backdrop for watching the “Beating Retreat Ceremony” also known as “Lowering of Flags”.


The entire show of trying to prove which side is the best by displaying their marching skills. The performance by the security forces stationed at this all important strategic border point is worth experiencing that’s precisely what would be captured in our lenses and our hearts. Both countries are separated by two heavy iron gates.