Gone are the days when VIPs where allowed to use red beacons or Lal batti in India, as the government has now decided to ban the same from May 1, 2017. This clearly indicates that every VIP individual will be banned from using the red beacon or the Lal batti including President, Vice President, Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister and Speaker of Lok Sabha. Confirming the same, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that Every Indian is special and every citizen is a VIP. This new decision from Government means that every VIP including Judges, Bureaucrats and Chief Ministers will have to unscrew the red beacon from their respective vehicles. Also Read: BJP supports PM Modi’s decision to ban red beacon

Clarifying further on this Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stated that only emergency vehicles such as fire engine, ambulances and police vans are exempted from this ban. Intended for putting a full stop to the VIP culture, the Finance Minister mentioned it has massive public inconvenience. We often come across where VIPs are given priority on the roads as the common man has to wait in the vehicles. However, flashing red lights and hooters on the VIP vehicles will soon be talk of the past.

Moreover, Devendra Fadnavis and Amarinder Singh – Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and Punjab have already obliged to the new rule by taking off the red beacon from their vehicles. Another Minister to follow on the line is Smriti Irani, Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles. She has also removes the red beacon from the vehicle as a welcome step towards new belief.

Also, Yogi Adityanath recently appointed Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh too ordered to put an end to the use of red beacon in all vehicles with immediate effect. However, as per an order issued by CM s office only escort vehicles would be allowed to use beacons. CM Aditynath also thanked PM Modi for taking this step and putting an end to the VIP culture in the country. Ministers Siddhartha Nath Singh and Rita Bahuguna Joshi too took out the red beacons from their vehicles soon after the decision by the cabinet.