Suzuki demands apology from Volkswagen Also Read - Auto Expo 2020: Volkswagen Unveils Concept Electric Vehicle ID CROZZ

The Volkswagen Suzuki divorce-before-being-married is getting murkier, helped along by VW dragging a third party, Fiat, into the mix. The guys at Wolfsburg had alleged that Suzuki had violated the agreement by sourcing engines from Fiat. Also Read - Suzuki's Alex Rins Snatches Victory From Marc Marquez in British MotoGP

Suzuki has now hit back saying VW owes them an apology for damaging Suzuki's reputation internationally. There are more allegations in the air – Suzuki says it had taken VW's approval for Fiat engines; VW says Suzuki didn't; Suzuki goes a step further and says that German engines didn't meet the Japanese requirements. Ouch! Also Read - National Green Tribunal Fines Volkswagen Rs 500 Crore For Use of 'Cheat Device' in Diesel Cars

And while the German-Japnese couple fight it out, we wonder what the Italian has to say. We also can't help but draw parallels to the same three countries that formed the Axis in the 40s, albeit for more nefarious purposes.