Tata Motors Launches New Bolt Hatchback and Bolt Sedan in Johannesburg, South AfricaAlso Read - Deep Sidhu, Accused in Republic Day Violence, Gets Bail by Delhi Court

In a statement, Tata said that it has also embarked on a programme to renew its brand awareness locally as well as putting an increased focus on quality after-sales service through its South African partner, Accordian Investments. The company's recently appointed chief executive Kyri Michael said the arrival of the Bolt would herald a new era for Tata in South Africa after it received a very positive reception in pre-launch customer clinics, with particular praise for the interior styling. Also Read - Good Samaritans in COVID Times: How Actors, Activists on Twitter Help Patients Find Plasma, Remdesivir, Beds

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“The introduction of the Bolt comes after a three-year drought of new models from Tata. The Bolt hatch and sedan will extend the current product offering from Tata in the local market,” Michael said. “We are buoyed up by this aggressive new model programme and know that this is our best opportunity to make an impact in the South African market,” he said, adding that the company is also working with Tata Motor's head office in Mumbai to renew the Tata brand awareness in the local market.


“The Bolt is the result of a culmination of ideas from Tata Motors' three design studios, located in Pune (India), Coventry (England) and Turin (Italy), to ensure international appeal,” he added. Michael also announced plans for better service to Tata customers in South Africa. “We realise that a reliable parts supply is critical and have restructured and streamlined the logistics of our parts operation. Stockholding has been increased to more than R20-million and we have a first time pick rate of about 92 per cent at present and aim to improve on that figure going forward,” he said.

Tata Motors Launches New Bolt Hatchback and Bolt Sedan in Johannesburg, South Africa

The Tata Bolt sedan comes standard with the Revotron 1.2L Turbocharged Multi-point Fuel Injection (MPFi) petrol engine. It has been developed in conjunction with global consultancies and suppliers to deliver world-class performance in terms of power, torque and efficiency. The Multi-Drive mode functionality is one of the key innovations in the Tata Bolt. The ‘Multi-Drive’ technology enables switching between the default, ECO and CITY mode.


On the other hand The Tata Bolt hatch comes standard with DriveNext features such as the REVOTRON engine, Multi-Drive Mode and an infotainment system. The Bolt hatch powered by the REVOTRON 1.2L Turbocharged MPFi petrol engine, gives maximum power output of 90PS@5000 RPM and peak torque of 140Nm@1500-4000 RPM.


With the Multi-Drive feature, the Bolt can switch between default, ECO and CITY mode. This coupled with advanced catalytic converter to reduce toxic emissions and Smart ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with various innovative strategies, ensures a responsive performance. The dual-path suspension coupled with a zero pivot sub-frame ensures smooth and comfortable ride and the 9th generation ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) from Bosch for improved braking efficiency, and the Corner Stability Control feature, add to the safety features of the vehicle.