Toyota Motor Corp, the Japanese automaker is currently working on an electric car project under which the vehicles will be powered by a new type of battery, which is set to increase the range of the vehicle extensively. Not only this, these batteries will also offer reduced charging time. This new electric car from Toyota will be built on an all-new platform and will be using all-solid-state batteries, allowing them to be charged at a faster rate. Related Story: Will Toyota consider Yaris over Vios as Honda City rival for India?Also Read - After Telangana, THESE States Invite Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Set Shop in India. Full Details Here

Currently on sale electric cars use Lithium Ion batteries which take minimum 20 to 30 minutes to get charged and offer a driving range of 300 to 400 kilometers. Though not officially confirmed, various media reports state that this fast charging, long ranged electric car will debut in Japan by the year 2022. As the world comes to grips with the electric cars, Toyota Motor Corp, in order to compete with the rivals like Nissan and Tesla is to bring forth this new electric vehicle. Whether Toyota makes it to the top step of the podium, remains to be seen. Also Read: GST Effect: Toyota Innova Crysta, Fortuner & Corolla Altis prices dropped Also Read - Telangana Minister KTR Extends Helping Hand To Elon Musk, Invites Tesla To Invest In State

Toyota only last year said that apart from the existing technology for Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in Hybrids, the automaker also wants to all electric vehicles to it’s arsenal. For that, as mentioned by President Akio Toyoda, it added an in-house unit for the same. The Automaker has plans to begin the production of mass market electric cars in China by the year 2019, however these will be based upon the existing C-HR SUV and will use Lithium Ion batteries. Also Read - 'Still Working Through Lot of Challenges with the Govt', Says Tesla CEO Elon Musk About Launch in India

Toyota is not the only automobile manufacturer which aims at using solid state batteries for fast charging cars. The likes of BMW too have the same strategy in mind. The reason being that the former use solid state electrolytes which are safer in comparison to the liquid ones used in Lithium-Ion batteries.

Source: Reuters