Toyota working on heart-rate-monitoring steering wheel Also Read - Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV unveiled, comes with a range of up to 300 miles

Toyota is working on a steering wheel that will detect abnormal heart rhythms through the driver's hands. The wheel does this through contact sensors embedded in the steering wheel. Toyota recently showed a Prius outfitted with the steering wheel to a group of reporters in one of its facilities. The information from the wheel was displayed on the screen – a good way, we think, to know if the driver is calm, angry or excited.  Also Read - ViewSonic 32-inch curved monitor launched in India for Rs 49,000

There is also the possibility of the wheel detecting a heart attack, making the car ask the driver to pull over via audio and visual signs and dialling emergency services automatically. Ford Motor Company is also working on a similar product – a seat that can monitor heart rate through clothing without direct skin contact. This idea can be expanded to any seat in the car, so it's potential for expansion is slightly more than the steering wheel. Also Read - HP launches 'Elite Dragonfly' business convertible laptop: Features, price and other details

It'd certainly be nice for old folks who like to drive to be able to get a heads-up if the old ticker starts acting up, but we can think of another great application for the sensors: we'd have cold data to prove which cars can make your heart race!