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Believe it or not, but Formula One is all set to embrace 1.6-litre engines by 2014 as opposed to the 2.4-litre V8 engines that currently power the F1 cars. Initially, the FIA had suggested the use of four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines in its bid to shift to a greener platform.  Also Read - Base launches battery for Formula One cars

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However, out of the four engine manufacturers in F1, viz. Ferrari, Mercedes, Cosworth and Renault, only Renault agreed to go ahead with the proposal. The other three voiced their opposition and therefore the conclusion has been reached that Formula One will now use 1.6-litre V6 turbocharged engines. The teams will be given time till 2014 to develop and implement the new engines. The KERS hybrid systems will stay and are expected to be bettered until 2014.

Update: we can now tell you that the new engines will be 35 per cent more efficient than the current engines, a slightly lower rev-limit at 15,000rpm – the current V8s manage 18,000rpm – and the new engines develop an identical 750PS.