The sale of cars have been increasing day by day in India and the need of differentiating the cars by any means necessary is heartily increasing among the users. This is why a private hospitality company recently bought the most sought after 4 digits for putting up on their car’s number plate. 0001 which has been bought for INR 16 lakh this time breaks the previous price record of a fancy number plate adorning the 0001 digits and were sold for INR 12.50 lakh in September 2014 whereas next year it was passed on for INR 12.10 lakh. Also Read: A Lamborghini Huracan Avio Lands In Kolkata

The amount spent on a mere registration number is exaggerating and one could even buy a new sedan for that money with enough funds remaining for running and maintaining it for the next five years. But these are the costs that people spend to stand out in a crowd and for other reasons like numerological and astrological importance which in turn brings the prosperity to the owner in future.

The sale of fancy numbers at such exorbitant prices also aids the government’s exchequer as the city’s special commissioner of transport, KK Dahiya has said. In just six months of the year, the authorities have sold 29 fancy numbers and made INR 54.70 lakh from the same. On the other hand, the previous year saw the number jump to 151 and an amount of INR 2.29 crores.

The luxury saloons and SUVs are usually the ones which are given the VIP number treatment and all the proceedings usually take place through the e-auction sites that have been specifically set up for these purposes. Usually, the starting price of VIP numbers are from 1 lakh for the 0100, 0111, 0100, 0555, etc. series, INR 2 lakh for the 0010 to 0077, 0786, 1000, 1111, 6666 and 9999. INR 3 lakh for the 0002 to 0009 and INR 5 lakh for 0001. These are all minimum reserve prices and during the bidding, the prices usually go higher.

Most buyers of these high priced special numbers are companies as is the case with this one. In several previous incidents also, a Chandigarh farmer resident had showered 10 lakh on a 0001 VIP number on his Toyota Fortuner.