Yo-Auto has some really interesting doors on their car (Video) Also Read - Coronavirus Enters New Stage in Moscow, Says Mayor Sergei Sobyanin

We all know how drastic all the concepts look, with features that would never make to the real production. Our Automakers definitely go a step ahead on showcasing how bizarre their designers can go on the drawing board. Here’s yet another concept showcased by Russian automaker Yo-Auto (yes, that’s what they are called). Looks sleek and the usual full of gadgets and wacky interiors, this car is just one of those, but has a one of its kind door opening mechanism. Also Read - Coronavirus Slams Russia, Africa, India as Global Cases Reach 5 Lakh

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We have seen regular doors, suicide doors on the Rolls Royce, Scissor doors on the Lamborghini Murciélago, butterfly doors like those on an Agera, and Gull wing doors like that on an SLS AMG. But what we have here is a weird kind of door which slides to the back of the car. Watch the video to see what we are talking about. Imagine how tight you can park perpendicular if this becomes a reality.