New Delhi: Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer Steelbird Hi-Tech India has launched the SA-2 helmet at Rs 3,849. The company claims that the SA-2 helmet is packed with safety features. The BIS-certified SA-2 helmet complies with IS 4151:2015 norms and is available in several decal options.Also Read - Steelbird appoints Massimo Varese as head of production

The SA-2 helmet gets multiple air vents for a better ventilation system. The interior padding of the helmet is removable and washable. It has metallic quick-release buckles, which meet European standards. The SA-2 helmet has a wind deflector as well. The vortex generators on its visor help reduce air friction making rides comfortable for the riders. Also Read - Steelbird enters Nepal market

The SA-2 helmet boasts a polycarbonate visor with an anti-scratch coating. It has a visor locking mechanism. Also, the visor has an anti-fog shield holder. The helmet is made from high-impact thermoplastic material and has a high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene). Suitable for all riders, according to Steelbird Hi-Tech India, the SA-2 helmet is offered in three sizes — medium (580mm), large (600mm), and extra-large (620mm).

“Offering superior quality, effective performance, and advanced technology SA-2 helmets offer unmatched safety standards without compromising on the looks. Even at the backside SA-2 helmets have spoilers for the sporty look. This compact and classy model has surely kept up with the image and philosophy of the brand along with all rider-friendly components intact,” said Steelbird Helmets Managing Director Rajeev Kapur.