New Delhi: In what will be Sri Lanka’s very first electric luxury supercar, CodeGen, a company on the island nation is in the final stages of preparing Vega, a car which will be developed and manufactured in the country.

Described by those who have seen it as a ‘world-class high-performance vehicle,’ Vega is powered by a 300 kW battery pack which gives it a range of 240 kilometres. It can also go from zer0 to 100 kmph in just 3.1 seconds. In Sri Lanka, it is being developed in partnership with several partners.

On a single charge, it has a 240 km range. A 900 bhp supercar, it has interior and exterior, both designed and manufactured locally. Even the electronics, lights are made locally sans the motor and battery cell. Battery pack, controllers and other parts, too, are made in Sri Lanka.

Additionally, its battery can be recharged in just 15 minutes and has a maximum speed of 260 kmph.

With the car being in the final stage of development, CodeGen is likely to showcase it at Geneva Motorshow 2020.

Vega, in the words of CodeGen, is a ‘pioneering venture’ which was taken up for young Sri Lankans keen to have an indigenously made supercars in the country.