Are you in 12th class this year and dream of becoming an IAS officer in the future? You may think it is too early to start preparing for the exam now and you can start preparing after you finish your schooling. But no! That is not true! It is not too early! You can do small things to start preparing for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam from now.

The educational qualification for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam is graduation. All graduates from any stream can appear for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam. So if you are in 12th now or have just given your boards, you will complete your graduation in 3-4 years and give a year for preparation for the exam. You can then appear for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam in 2021. Read More:

To become an IAS officer in 2021 you can make your preparation much easier if you start now itself. You will definitely have an edge over others if you start. Here is how you can start preparing now.

1. Notes and books: The General Studies of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam is expected to be of 12th class level. What you have learnt in school will definitely help you in the exam. So do not discard your notes and books! Keep them safely!
2. Diversify: To become an IAS officer you are expected to have general knowledge of all subjects whether it be science or social science. So read NCERTs of other subjects from 6th class onwards. You can give a few hours weekly.
3. Share: Get notes from your friends! If you are from arts backgrounds, get notes from friends in science background and vice-versa.
4. Cultivate Interest: Cultivate interest in other subjects. This will allow you to study more efficiently. Watch videos on different subjects. This will also help you understand better.
5. Newspaper: Candidates often face the problem that it takes a long time for them to read the newspaper and they are not able to identify important news relevant for the exam. Develop habit for reading the newspaper from now onwards to avoid this problem.
6. Understand exam: Start acquainting yourself with the exam and also with the approach required for it. For this it would be advisable to go through previous year question papers of UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam.
7. Friends: Socialise with people with the similar goal. Meet seniors and take tips from them. This will ensure that you do not lose your focus.
8. Study: Get used to studying. Students tend to have fun in college and only study just before the exams. However, UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam requires continual study over a few months. Do not lose the habit of studying!
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Follow the above tips to make the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam preparation much easier. Then you will be able to do in 6 months what others take years to do. The best part is that the above approach will definitely help you in your studies and make you more knowledgeable person. The small efforts that you put daily will add up to give a wonderfully positive result.

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