“To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me”- Sir Isaac Newton. Also Read - 'Let’s Get This Guy’s Cows Back': Sonu Sood Offers Help To Himachal Man Who Sold Cow To Buy Smartphone For Kids’ Online Classes

Well, Newton was one of the greatest physicists that ever lived, but how much do you actually know about him? Also Read - Sacrifice For Education: Himachal Man Sells Cow to Buy Smartphone For Online Studies of His Children

1. No apple actually fell on Newton’s head Also Read - Unlock 2: College, University Final Year Exams Cancelled? MHRD Minister Reveals Plan | Details Here

It wasn’t as if Newton was sitting under a tree daydreaming, an apple fell on his head and toing! Eureka.

He was probably looking out of the window and saw an apple fall from a tree when the idea about the existence of gravity actually struck him.

2. Newton used to stutter

So did Moses, Winston Churchill and Aristotle.

3. Newton’s dog, Diamond, ruined 20 years of his research work

However, some are of the belief that Newton had no dog at all. They say that It was due to a candle falling on his research work that all his papers and work caught fire and were destroyed.

4. The world did not end in 2012

Which is exactly what Newton had predicted. According to him, the world shall end in 2060, so we still have 47 years to go.

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Image courtesy:Wikimedia Commons

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