Candidates, who are planning to apply for the Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam 2016, must check 5 things and give sufficient time to decide these 5 before . So, if candidates adopt a simple strategy to apply, may create lots of troubles in coming days. Read the article, “5 Facts you should check before you apply for UPSC IAS Prelims 2016″, carefully and take proper decision before you start filling the form. I would suggest that start discussion with seniors, friends now to take right decision. Filling the application form for the Civil Services IAS Exam is very different from the other exams. UPSC asks you to provide a few information , which is not essentially only related to the Civil Services Prelims, but also related to the subsequent stages of the exam as well as UPSC also can use them for all the upcoming exams. Candidates should read the article prepared by expert to make the right decision. Find below five facts, on which you need clarity. Also Read - CBSE Board Exam 2021: Tips to Cope Up With Stress For Children And Parents | Watch Video

1. Selection of Optional Subject: Now, candidates have to fill name of a subject as the main written optional, when submitting the application form for the prelims. Many candidates are planning, studying and discussing only for the prelims. So, if you fill the form in a hurry without proper decision, you are wasting your time. It would be wastage of an attempt. I would advise that first candidates should think about the optional for main exam then start on any activity related to the Civil Services IAS Exam. Discuss with seniors, friends, introspect and then only decide. After taking a decision about your optional subject, go through the syllabus of the subject, attempt previous questions and go another round. I would suggest that take one more round, third round to reach to the any conclusion. Check the coaching, availability of study materials and guidance on the subject according to your needs. Also Read - Telangana Schools to Reopen for Classes 6 and 8 After Nearly 11 Months

2. Last date: UPSC has mentioned the last date of submission of the application in the notification. A simple meaning of this would be that submit your form before that date. So, you apply on any date, before the last date has the same meaning? No, it has another impact also. If your choice of exam centre city is covered by the candidates, who applied before you, you will not get the exam centre city of your choice. UPSC makes allotment of Centres on “first-apply-first allot” basis, and once the capacity of a particular Centre is attained, the same will be frozen. So, choose the exam centre early. Also Read - CBSE Class 10th Board Exam 2021 Guide: Best Reference Books for Maths, Science, English, Social Science

3. Date of Birth: Candidates must fill their date of birth very carefully. Once you fill the date of birth and submit your application, in no case UPSC will entertain any change at any level. The date of birth, generally you fill on the basis of your matriculation certificate. The date of birth is not only related to only this exam, UPSC keeps the date in their data and even you apply for other exams later on, UPSC can cross check and date of birth must be same. So, the candidate should exercise due care while entering their date of birth in the online Application Form for the Preliminary Examination. (ALSO READ: 5 things candidates should not do in UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2016)

4. Centre for Prelims and Main Written: Candidates should take all the required criteria to choose the exam centre for the Civil Services IAS prelims as well as for main written exam. The exam centres also play a role in your performances on the day of the exam. So, take help of seniors in the selection of exam centre. Take special care, when you select the exam centre for main written exam. Civil Services IAS Main written exam takes many days, so special care required. Candidates should keep in their mind that all the prelims centre have not been included in the list of main written exam.

5. Choosing Compulsory Language: It is not very difficult, but not very easy to decide on the compulsory Indian language, candidate has to choose for main written. They should follow the above mentioned process to decide right compulsory language for Civil Services IAS Main Exam. If a candidate does not get minimum qualifying marks in the paper, their optional answer sheet would not be checked and they would not get any rank in the written list.