Amid the ongoing rumbling within the  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), senior party leader Yogendra Yadav said all the stories on the crisis in the party are “imaginary” and it was time to work after the big victory in the polls and not indulge in “small acts”. He said the people of Delhi have given the party a massive mandate and one should not indulge in these small acts. For the past few days, I have been hearing things about me and Prashant ji (Bhushan). New stories are being planted and allegations are being leveled against (us) and conspiracies are being hatched. Also Read - Maharashtra: 35 Percent Schools Reopen After 8 Months, Only 5 Percent Students Attend

“I am saddened, but also find it funny. I find it funny because these are baseless. Those scripting stories have a lot of time but I feel sad with the intention. The government of Delhi has given us our biggest victory.The time is to work after the big victory. The country has a lot of expectations from us. I can expect that from our small acts, we should not let this ray of hope become small,” Yadav said in a Facebook post. Also Read - Puducherry Proposes 10% Quota For Government School Students in Medical Courses

The AAP is undergoing an internal crisis with Bhushan raising the issue of “one-person centric approach” in the party. Some seven months back Yadav had criticised Arvind Kejriwal of falling prey to “personality cult”.”…one person-centric campaign, which was run during Delhi elections, is making our party look more and more like other conventional parties that are also one-person centric. Also Read - West Bengal MBBS Seats Increased to 4,000: CM Mamata Banerjee

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The only difference being that we still claim that we are wedded to the principles of ‘swaraj’ while they don’t. “Running one person-centric campaign may be effective, but does that justify sacrificing our principles? We will need to make a conscious course correction if we have to get away from a supremo controlled party,” Bhushan said in a letter to members of AAP National Executive, which met earlier.

Amid allegation that some senior leaders were trying to unseat party chief Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav said he along with Prashant Bhushan too had rejected his resignation as party chief. However, he said that the party should not fall prey to personality cult.

“We raised our hand. We said we cannot accept his resignation. He must continue to be the National Convenor because he deserves to be. “Because that is the best thing that can happen to this party. Because he is a symbol and icon for the party and new kind of politics not just in Delhi and the entire country,” Yadav said in an interview to a news channel. Kejriwal had tendered his resignation in the National Executive meeting held last week.

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Crisis in the party intensified after Bhushan, in a letter to the national executive last week, said that the “one person-centric” campaign was making the party look like other parties and called for more “swaraj” within the organisation.

Along with Yadav, he also gave a joint letter to the national executive and demanded activation of an ethics and grievance committee. Yadav added that although electoral politics requires a face, the party should make a conscious effort not to fall prey to personality cult.

“Within the organisation you have to ensure that we do not fall prey to personality cult. These are the things which we have to constantly struggle. Its not a special case that AAP has to struggle with. “Its a real question of democratic procedure. I am happy that AAP is at least struggling with these questions and there are no easy answers,” Yadav said.

He added that in a joint note to NE members in meeting last week, they had spelt out things which required immediate action and certain things which required long term action. “We need an ethics committee which would ensure that whenever ethical questions come up we dont look like any other party. We have set high bars for ourselves. Autonomy for state units and the third question was strengthening internal democracy procedures. “These are constructive suggestions no one would disagree with. Even Lokpal has raised similar questions and we need to raise similar questions in the Indian politics,” Yadav said.

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