New Delhi: A school in Hooghly district of West Bengal has stoked a fresh controversy by asking class X students questions about chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘cut-money’.

If reports are to be believed,  in an exam held on August 5, class X students at the Akna Union High School in Hooghly, were asked to write a ‘report for a newspaper’ on any of the two – ‘harmful effects on the society of chanting Jai Shri Ram’ or on the ‘bold step of the government to stop corruption by returning cut money.’

“The exam started at 2 pm and it was scheduled to be over at 3.45 pm. When we came to know about it, only five minutes were left and many students had already written the answers. We cancelled the two questions and decided to give all the students, including those who did not answer the questions, average marks,” said Rohit Kumar Pyne, teacher in-charge of the school.

Pyne said that it was wrong to ask students about these two topics. He claimed that he was not aware of the questions selected for Class X students as they were selected by Bangla language teacher Subhasish Ghosh.

Meanwhile, Subir Nag, Bharatiya Janata Party’s organisational president in Hooghly hit out at ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) saying,”The two questions were selected deliberately.”

He alleged that some teachers in the school were acting at the behest of TMC and trying to divide students. “This is not acceptable. We will take up the issue with higher authorities of the school education department,” he told a leading portal.