CBSE Class 12th Exam 2019: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) might conduct board examinations from mid-February 2019 and the practical exams will be held earlier.

CBSE has sent a circular to all institution heads from the Board. The practical examinations for class 12 students will be held from January 16 to February 15.

Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examinations, CBSE said, “Officials have said that only some theory exams will begin by mid-February. “As examination in skilled-based subjects and few other academic subjects which are opted by a small number of students will commence from the latter half of February 2019, practical examinations of all subjects should be completed within the first half of the same month.”

“This is done in the total interest of all students to help them with varsity admissions for higher education courses,” said the official.

Schools have been instructed that if the number of students exceeds 20, then practical exams should be conducted in two sessions. The Board also directed that all marks for practical examinations should be uploaded on the date of the examination itself, conducted by external examiners.

An official from the Board further explained that exams might be held earlier than usual this year to ensure results, including those post-revaluation, would be announced in a timely manner.