Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) sealed a Mumbai school after 22 people including students tested positive for COVID-19. Among the 22 covid positive students of St Joseph School, four are aged below 12, the other 12 students are aged between 12 to 18 years. The remaining six are above the age of 18.Also Read - Maharashtra School Reopening News: Varsha Gaikwad Makes Big Announcement, Says Classes Won’t Resume Now

Till now, a total of 95 people have tested for Covid-19 from the boarding school. The four children aged below 12 have been shifted to the pediatrics care at Nair hospital. Also Read - Schools Reopen With Strict Covid Protocol Across India | Here's What 1st Day of School Looked Like in Various States

Earlier, Varsha Gaikwad, Maharashtra State education minister has announced the reopening of schools from August 17. Students were instructed to provide a consent letter from their parents. In rural areas of the city, classes 5 to 8 have been reopened while classes 8 to 12 were to reopen in cities.

Vaccination against the coronavirus has been made compulsory for all teachers and other staff members. Schools have been advised to work in shifts or alternate days. Every school has been directed to formulate a safe transportation plan for all the school students. The class strength is limited to 15-20 students at a given time. According to the guidelines, one student will be seated per bench with six feet of distance between benches. The school hours are confined to three to four hours per day. The school has been advised to provide isolation facilities and tie-up with the nearby health departments in case of any emergency.