New Delhi, Mar 3: The CBSE Board Exam 2018 for class 10 and 12 students are starting from Monday, March 5. More than 28 lakh students are appearing for the class 10 and 12 CBSE board exams, this year. The exams for the class 10 students would conclude on April 12, whereas April 4 would be the last date for class 12 students. Although the competition mark gets higher and higher every year, the students need to know that they need not compete with others and how others have scored. A competition with you matter the most; today and in every exam. (Also Read: Last Minute Tips For Class 10, 12 Students) Also Read - Horoscope, Today, May 10: Monday Blues For Taurus, Virgo; Energetic Day For Leos

Getting stressed is common for class 10 students as they would be writing boards for the first time. It’s okay to be stressed but the students should know that they need not get stressed before the exams and it would only hamper your performance. Just relax and revise all that you have already prepared for. Don’t try to cover literally EVERYTHING in last few day. Don’t touch any new topic and it would not only take much of your time but also will not let you revise the ones you have already covered. For more such tips, check out the following video by Sandeep Wadhera, Motivational Speaker & Success Coach. Also Read - Delhi Lockdown Extended: Will You Need An E-Pass For Travelling From Noida/Ghaziabad To Delhi? Know Here

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The CBSE class 10, 12 board exam 2018 students should make sure that they have covered all the important topics and formulae for examinations. Most importantly, relax. CBSE Board Exams 2018 are not life exams and are not the only ones left to appear for. There will be many more to come so, just relax. Give your best.