New Delhi, March 3: The CBSE Board Exams 2018 for class 10 and 12 will begin on March 5. While its very important to score good, students must not take unnecessary pressure. Eating good food, taking naps, and listening to music is highly recommended. But, there are many pitfalls for students taking the CBSE Board Exams.  It is important that students must avoid these pitfalls. Students taking the CBSE board exams must have cool outlook towards exams. They should not feel that exams are very difficult. The biggest tip is to not be afraid of failure. (Also Read: Last Minute Tips by Expert) Also Read - CBSE Re-Examination Dates: Class 12 Economics Paper on April 25, Class 10 Maths Exam Likely to be Held Only in Delhi And Haryana in July

Studying hard is important, but attitude also matters to get success. There are a lot of things that students should refrain from to be in good mental shape before taking the exams.  Students must not be bogged down with the pressure of exam as they might forget what they have studied.  (Also read: CBSE Board Exams 2018: Five Ways to Beat Stress; Exam Tips) Also Read - CBSE Paper Leak: Protests Against Class 10 Maths And Class 12 Economics Re-examination Spread Across India

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Here is what must not be done:

No Comparisons: Students must not talk to other students about how much have they prepared. Comparing their preparedness with other students would create unnecessary pressure. Every student is different than the other; hence, they will have their methods of studying and their very own strategy. Students should chart their own strategy and concentrate on their own studies rather than talking about others.

Don’t over-study: While it is important to study long hours, students must refrain from over-studying. Students must not over-stretch as over studying might add to the confusion and create nervousness. There should be a good balance in life to remain stress-free. A sound sleep is very important for the brain to function properly. Students must also take breaks in between studies.

Taking up New Topics: Students must not take up new topics just before exams. Revision of already prepared topics must be done as taking up new topics might confuse the students.

Last minute discussion: Before entering the exam room, it is advisable not to discuss questions with fellow students. As each and every student has unique way of solving a question, students must stick to what they have learnt. Talking with fellow students might add to the stress.

Don’t think about marks: Students must not think about scoring marks as marks are not the last thing in the world. Also, thinking about marks will add to the stress. Students must do what is to be done, but not care about the results.