CBSE Board Exams 2018 have begun and its first exam for Class 10 and 12 has got over. For some, the exam would be good, while for others it might not have gone too well. But students still have to get through the rest of the exams. Hence, it is very much important to keep the focus on track.Also Read - CBSE Re-Examination Dates: Class 12 Economics Paper on April 25, Class 10 Maths Exam Likely to be Held Only in Delhi And Haryana in July

The students are generally under more pressure after they take their CBSE Board Exams. For those who have a good first exam, there is a pressure of doing better. For those whose paper has not gone well, the rest of the exams are matter of survival. Hence, it is important to not get bogged down with the first exam itself. Here are five tips to keep the hunger alive. Also Read - CBSE Paper Leak: Protests Against Class 10 Maths And Class 12 Economics Re-examination Spread Across India

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It is important to forget the first paper as soon as it its over. Nothing will gained by sitting and calculating marks. Self analyzing the exam paper might result in added pressure. It is a futile exercise. There should only be one way forward for students whose paper has gone well and for those whose didn’t: prepare for the next exam. Hence, students must not waste time and energy on analyzing the first paper.

Take rest and de-stress 

It is important to sleep well and take rest. All the stress should be done away with. So after the first exam the first that should be done is rest and prepare for the next battle. Students must de-stress before picking up the next subject.

Start Revising Already Prepared Topics

When the students study to prepare the next subject, first the strongest topics must be revised. Students must brush up what they have already prepared. This way, at least their strong points will be rock solid. After doing that, students must take difficult topic.

Write to revise

It is better to write the answers to revise. This way, the prepared topic will be retained by the brain more.

Stay positive 

It is important to get good marks and it can only be achieved by staying positive. Study hard and believe in yourself. Listen to some music, eat proper food, take rest. And keep the momentum, but don’t let any negative thought bother you.