New Delhi, March 3: The CBSE Board Exams 2018 is round the corner. The exams will start on March 3. It is understandable that students would be in tremendous stress. But, to score good marks, it is important to beat the stress. Students taking the CBSE exams must not be bogged down with the pressure of scoring good marks. Students must have a happy and healthy mind to take the exams. It must be an enjoyable experience, not an ordeal. (Also read: CBSE Board Exams 2018: Five Things Students Must Not do; Major Tips) Also Read - CBSE Re-Examination Dates: Class 12 Economics Paper on April 25, Class 10 Maths Exam Likely to be Held Only in Delhi And Haryana in July

Beating exam stress improves concentration and learning power. To retain what is being memories, it is important that stress levels are brought to zero. Lesser stress means better performance. Also, the margin of error reduces if stress is not there. Stress also creates confusion, hence; it is important that its done away with. Here are five things CBSE exam takers must do to keep stress level down. Also Read - CBSE Paper Leak: Protests Against Class 10 Maths And Class 12 Economics Re-examination Spread Across India

CBSE Board Exams 2018 are not something that one must be afraid of. Students must have confidence on themselves. Studying long hours is important, but breaks must be given to students. A comic break could do wonders for students. Students can watch standup comedy on YouTube to laugh their worries off. Laughing is the best exercise. It keeps mind and heart healthy. It can also provide relief from exam pressure. Also Read - CBSE Paper Leak 2018 Sequence of Events: How Police Found Out About Class 10 Maths And Class 12 Economics Exam Question Paper Leak

Students taking CBSE boards could also watch their favourite movies. Inspirational movies could do wonders to the morale and bring down stress. However, horror movies and sad dramatic movies must be avoided, as they can increase stress levels.

Running is surprisingly stress-relieving. By running, a happy hormone is released, which brings down stress levels. It can also increase concentration levels. Other modes of work out might also have the same effect.

Eating sumptuous food   good food is can being smile to the face. However, super oily food might accompany lethargy. So students must be careful.

Playing favourite sports is a great thing. It is very stress-relieving.

All these activities could significantly bring down stress. However, students must not waste too much time in these activities as nothing can replace hard work at studies. During exams, students should only engage in these activities for small amount of time. Studies should be given precedence.