New Delhi, March 5: Board exams for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will begin on Monday. Over 28 lakh candidates will appear for Class 10 and Class 12 exams in CBSE Board Exams 2018. The exams will be over on April 4 for Class 10 and April 13 for Class 12.Also Read - CBSE Re-Examination Dates: Class 12 Economics Paper on April 25, Class 10 Maths Exam Likely to be Held Only in Delhi And Haryana in July

From Delhi,  2,89,958 students have enrolled for Class 10, whereas 2,50,736 candidates have enrolled for Class 12. Candidates with special needs would be given computer/laptops to take their exams. The computers will only be allowed to use for typing the answers and viewing the enlarged question papers. Also Read - CBSE Paper Leak: Protests Against Class 10 Maths And Class 12 Economics Re-examination Spread Across India

The board exams are very important for students as they decide the future course of their education. Getting goods marks is important, but students must not think much about numbers before taking the exams as it might create added pressure. Here are a few tips before you take the important exams. Also Read - CBSE Paper Leak 2018 Sequence of Events: How Police Found Out About Class 10 Maths And Class 12 Economics Exam Question Paper Leak

Last minute revision is of utmost importance. But students must not take up new topics before the exams as it might create confusion. Candidates must have confidence on what they have studied, and must only brush up the topics they have covered properly.

Comparisons must be avoided before taking the exams. Students must not ask how other students have prepared as it might shake the confidence. It is better that interaction with fellow students at the exam center is avoided.

Students should double check that they are carrying all the necessary documents with them to the exam center. This includes their identification documents and admit cards. Students must also carry their stationary with themselves.

Students must also check that they are not carrying in paper or slip or notes with them inside the exam center. Candidates must have a clear mind before taking the exams.