New Delhi, Feb 5: Delhi High Court has inflicted the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) selective re-evaluation policy, which has put restrictions on students from availing the option in just 10 subjects and 10 questions per subject. A division bench including Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal and Chief Justice G Rohini specified the restrictions as “eccentric” and said students can now seek re-evaluation in all subjects.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has brought up a new rule in the examination scheme for allowing candidates to apply for revaluation but also made restrictions on the number of questions and the subjects to be re-evaluated. CBSE has introduced these rules after amending the by-laws, which the court found to be “manifestly unjust, unreasonable and partial.”

“It is rather eccentric to first provide for the facility of re-evaluation to the candidates and thereafter put unreasonable restrictions. The board cannot afford to ignore individual claims of re-evaluation at its whims or fancy, by merely ‘pick and choose’ of subjects or number of questions,” the bench observed while ruling in favour of two students.

In the process, the court upheld two separate single-judge verdicts. In one a single judge had faulted CBSE for allowing just 10 questions for re-evaluation, while the second bench ordered it to re-evaluate a student’s physical education theory paper, despite the board claiming that PE is not covered under its subjects where re-look is permitted.