Jun. 18, 2017: Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE continues to be bogged down by controversies and complaints regarding the CBSE Results 2017 for Class 12 board examinations. After the long extended row over scrapping of moderation policy and the Delhi HC intervention, CBSE had finally released the much awaited Class 12 Board Results for 2017 on May 29. However, CBSE was quickly challenged for its order restricting the right of students only to re-totalling of marks as it scrapped the re-evaluation of the answer sheets in an earlier order. Students have reached out to the Delhi HC which has agreed with the students and told CBSE that the scrapping of revaluation is wrong. The decision on the same, however, is pending and to be give on June 19. Related News | CBSE scraps Class 12 answer sheet re-evaluation from 2017 Also Read - Will CBSE Board Exams 2021 be Postponed Due to COVID-19? Read Latest Updates

However, the matter seems to be far from over. Over 159 students have challenged CBSE’s earlier order of scraping of re-evaluation of the answer sheets of the board examinations. Even as Delhi HC has agreed with the students’ and verbally told CBSE that the decision was wrong, it is to pass an order on June 19. In the meantime, big errors have been reported by students in the totaling of the marks as well. Some students have reported an error of about 400 % difference. Given the circumstances and Delhi HC stand, it is likely that CBSE would be permitting re-evaluation of the answer sheets of CBSE Board Examinations 2017. Also Read | CBSE should not have scrapped revaluation: Delhi HC Also Read - CBSE Extends Payment Deadline For Class 10 & 12 Board Exams 2021 Fee | Check New Date Here

As reported by TOI, students have submitted requests for re-totalling when their Maths marks did not tally with the excellent performance in other subjects. And the results have been shocking. Many students who had failed in a few papers after revision of marks were declared way beyond the red line. Also, students with mere 68 marks after revision were found to have scored a very respectable 95 in mathematics. The errors continue to highlight the strong gap in the CBSE’s result declaration system, further adding strength to case against scrapping of revaluation. The Delhi HC had in its statement asked CBSE to consider that re-evaluation is necessary. When CBSE countered that only about .21 percent pf students submitted to re-valuation, the HC countered that amounted to about 2100 students. Delhi HC would be announcing its decision tomorrow on June 19. Also Read - CBSE Class 10 & 12 Board Exams 2021 Latest News: Delhi Govt Requests Board to Extend Payment Deadline For Exam Fees