New Delhi, June 24: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has once again messed up with the Class XII students’ marks leaving several of them baffled. The just like last year, the CBSE again made totaling errors and have received over 10,000 requests for verification of marks this year, as per TOI reports. Some instances which brought the Board’s gaffe to light were- a Class XII girl student of the CBSE Board scored a bare minimum of 16 marks in her English core paper. The girl is off to getting her marks verified because it came to be known that CBSE had not added a total of 64 marks which in turn makes her score to that of 80. With nearly a 400 per cent margin in actual result and the result declared, the girl was traumatised as she believed that she couldn’t have scored anything below  80. Also Read - CBSE Board Exam 2021: Plea Filed In Supreme Court To Cancel Class 12 Exams

With its embarrassing work of totaling errors last year, the Board had set up two evaluators for a single copy this time in order to keep a check on the discrepancies that crept in last year but it didn’t turn out to be much effective as several students again complained of the same. This time, the number of errors just went up. As one after the other cases just came up revealing the Board’s incompetency in declaring the result. Another Class XII student, scored 90 percentile overall but scored a meager 44 per cent marks in the geography paper. After he got his result verified, it was shown that a total of 51 marks weren’t added in the first place and hence his geography marks were recorded as low as 44. These cases are just a glimpse of the Board’s inadvertent mistakes but the major one left everyone in shock as a Class X student who scored zero in Urdu, passed with 37 marks after verification. Also Read - CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2021: Cancelled or Postponed? Education Ministry, CBSE Official Issue Clarification. Read Their Latest Statement Here

The question came to how the evaluators have checked the copies in the first place leave aside the error in calculating the exact marks obtained by the students. All these instances remind us of the last year’s instances when a Class XII girl student was shocked after she scored a 50 in Maths but after verification it added to 90. As per TOI, the CBSE Board was sent a notice seeking answers regarding totalling errors but it got no response from the Board as it said that it would generate all such data after June 27. Also Read - CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021 Likely to be Cancelled, Says Report | Read Latest Updates