Season of exam results is going on; many state boards have declared their class 10 and 12 exam 2015 results in the month of May, results for many competitive entrance exams have also been released and many more results are yet to be declared. This season is very stressful for the students who have appeared for these exams as results will not only give them feedback about their entire year’s effort but also play an important role in deciding future career for these students. Considering, the increasing rate of suicide attempts amongst students due to low scores in exams, it is very important to ensure that in this sensitive phase, students as well as parents maintain an appropriate frame of mind and handle results with maturity and understanding. Also Read - UPSC Recruitment 2021: Applications Invited for Various Posts, Here's How You Can Apply

Students who have managed to get a good score on exams can now plan for their future course of action accordingly, to complete their  studies. However, those students who could not manage to get a good score, need to handle this situation very carefully as this low score can impact them academically as well as psychologically, to a very large extent. Here are a few tips from Prerna Prasad Kambli who is a psychologist and career counsellor. These tips can help students handle their low scores in exam and build in the right perspective: Also Read - Beyond The Call Of Duty: Police Station in Aurangabad Holds English Classes For Slum Children

  • Make peace with reality: Since now you cannot undo the past, one has to accept the result and score, as is. The exception is when you are very confident about your performance in the exam and want to go for re-evaluation. Other wise, it is better that you accept your score and identify or analyze your mistakes.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself: Do not underestimate yourself in light of your negative performance in the exam and jump to conclusion that you are total a failure. This will lead to low self-esteem and hamper your performance in future exams.
  • Move on: After you have come to terms with your results, try and find out what you can learn from this experience. This will help you plan even better for your next exam. If efforts, was the reason for low performance, you need to pull up your socks and get set for next year’s exam preparations.
  • Look for the pointers: The result is just an indicator, pointing out where you stand, how much more effort you had put in, and how much more efforts you will need to put in, for future exams. After analysis of your level of efforts and exam scores, look for the pointers that show reasons for your low performance. It could be lack of planning, less efforts, casual approach, inadequate preparation or just laziness. These pointers would suggest you directions for your efforts in future.
  • Know what to expect in future: You know how much efforts you can put to prepare for your exam. It would not be realistic to base your marks on the basis of hard work and effort taken just two weeks before your exam. Set realistic expectations about your marks accordingly, in future.
  • Talk it out: Speak to a counselor, guardian, parent or a close friend, in case you are feeling very low about your performance in the exam. Sometimes sharing your feelings about stress helps; provided sharing is done with the right person, who is out there to help, support, accept and guide you rather than to criticize or humiliate you. wishes all students best of luck. Also Read - Operation Smile: Indore Cop Turns Teacher For Slum Children Who Couldn't Attend Online Classes Due to Pandemic

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