Candidates can prepare for the GATE Exam (2015) by referring the questions (and the answer key) of the GATE exam (2013). 3 questions asked in Engineering Science Paper of Engineering Exam 2013 are as follows: Also Read - Inspiring! Meerut Woman Who Left Home To Avoid Forced Marriage Returns As PCS Officer 7 Years Later

1. If 3 ≤ X ܺ≤ 5 and 8 ≤ Y ≤ 11 then which of the following options is TRUE? Also Read - Before Reporting For Duty, This Bengaluru Cop Teaches Children of Migrant Workers Everyday For An Hour

(A) 3/5 ≤ X/Y ≤ 8/5
(B) 3/11 ≤ X/Y ≤ 5/8
(C) 3/11 ≤ X/Y ≤ 8/5
(D) 3/5 ≤ X/Y ≤ 8/11 Also Read - Ready to Send Children Back to School? 78% Parents Say No, Willing to Let Kids Repeat An Academic Year

2. The Headmaster ___________ to speak to you.

Which of the following options is incorrect to complete the above sentence?
(A) is wanting
(B) wants
(C) want
(D) was wanting

3. Mahatma Gandhi was known for his humility as

(A) he played an important role in humiliating exit of British from India.
(B) he worked for humanitarian causes.
(C) he displayed modesty in his interactions.
(D) he was a fine human being.

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