Google unveiled new tools to improve the experience of teachers and students. For making the classrooms more interesting the company launched Cast for Education app, Quizzes in Google Forms and much more.

The Cast for education Chrome app lets student and teachers turn the main computer, which is connected to a projector, into a main Cast destination. The connected PC can be accessed by both teachers and students. Teachers also have the option to approve or disapprove connection requests from students.

The search giant also introduced the Expeditions app, which was available as a beta since September last year. The app is now available for everyone. Google Forms also received a new feature called Quizzes. It will let teachers automatically grade multiple choice questions. This would save time in manually grading students. Teachers also get the ability to add a review in the form of explanations, supplemental websites or review videos. There is also an option to disable students from sending a copy of responses to themselves.

For Chromebooks aimed at schools, the search giant also announced some new creative apps. These apps include Explain Everything, Soundtrap and WeVideo.

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