Researchers of Biosciences department at the in Vallabh Vidyanagar in Gujarat, headed by Professor T V Ramana Rao, have sparked a new breakthrough in post-harvest preservation. They have developed an eco-friendly emulsion to increase the shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables. This emulsion delays the ripening process and also increases the nutritional value of crops. Also Read - Maharashtra: 35 Percent Schools Reopen After 8 Months, Only 5 Percent Students Attend

Gujarat is one of the top 10 horticulture producing states in India where amount as much as Rs 11,400 crore. An Assocham study revealed that the total post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables in India amounted to about Rs 2.5 lakh crore rupees in 2014. This eco-friendly coating technology will help in cutting down these losses. Also Read - Puducherry Proposes 10% Quota For Government School Students in Medical Courses

India is the second largest country (after China) in fruits and vegetables production. It is expected to cross 377 million metric tonnes by 2021. But the country is facing a serious dearth of storage facilities which result in such huge losses. Also Read - West Bengal MBBS Seats Increased to 4,000: CM Mamata Banerjee

SPU team of researchers has used bio-polymers like carbohydrates and proteins to increase the shelf life of vegetables like tomato, capsicum and broccoli; and fruits like banana, mango, jamun, grapes, strawberry, guava etc by as much as 40%. Carbohydrates used in the emulsion include chitosan, starch, sodium alginate, xanthan gum etc while proteins used in the emulsion include soy protein and gelatin.

Image Courtesy: GETTY Images