New Delhi, Mar 13: Students of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam who took the chemistry examination will now get a seven marks bonus, following the four printing errors in the question paper. But only those students who had attempted those questions in the February 28 exam would be awarded the bonus marks. Also Read - Heavy Rains in Parts of Maharashtra in Next 24 Hours? IMD Issues Red Alert For These Districts

Kishore Chavan of Sathaye College, Vile Parle, said, “As per the question paper, question number 2 (2) read: ‘Give two uses…’ instead of ‘give its two uses’. In another question, 3 (4), it mentioned ‘Calculate change in internal energy’, but it was printed as ‘Calculate internal energy’. Hence, students are liable to get bonus marks here. Also Read - COVID in Maharashtra Today: 1 Death Every 7 Minutes, 265 New Cases Every Hour

Similarly, in question 6 (4), an out-of-syllabus chemical equation was asked for which students will be given another two bonus marks. In question 8 (b), the equation of isocyanide was asked in a wrong pattern and hence one bonus mark will be awarded for the same. Also Read - Lockdown in Maharashtra: Restaurants, Spas May Open With 40-50% Capacity | Check Guidelines

The General Secretary of Maharashtra Federation of Junior College teachers’ Organisation, Anil Deshmukh, said minor misprints such as the ones mentioned in the question paper actually change the meaning of the questions.

He added that the students who copied the erroneous questions would also get bonus marks.

However, State board secretary Krishnakumar Patil said that they were yet to receive a recommendation from the moderators.