New studies have shown that with the proper amount of motivation and certain other factors, humans are capable of forming relationships even with robots. Robots are normally used to do on behalf of a human that is potentially dangerous or tough. And according to researchers, humans have begun treating robots as pets and friends in certain cases. Also Read - JEE Mains Exams 2021: Here are the Tips and Tricks That Can Help You Pass With Flying Colours | Watch Video

This raised the question that if soldiers start forming bonds with robots, it would probably affect the way they use them. Also Read - Looks Like NTA Has Another Test Called Joint Patience Exam: Delayed JEE Mains Result 2021 Sparks Meme Fest on Twitter

Julie Carpenter, who is from the University of Washington, interviewed top level US soldiers that employ robots to disarm explosives. It was part of her wok to find out how the soldiers felt about these robots, and whether these emotions could come in the way of them performing their tasks. Also Read - CBSE & ICSE Board Exams 2021: Top 7 Things to do For Preparation |Watch Video

Her findings said that though the soldiers did not get affected by the robots regarding their decision making, when the robot was damaged during operations they felt anger and frustration and grief at times.


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