Lucknow/Chandigarh: IIMC Alumni Association held the annual meet, Connections, for its UP Chapter in Lucknow while the Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir Chapter members met in Chandigarh. The Lucknow meet was held on March 10 whileAlso Read - IIMCAA Holds Chapter Meets in Kolkata, Ranchi, Aizawl

The Chapter meets began in Delhi on February 17 and will culminate in Dhaka on April 13. Mumbai, Dhenkanal and Bhubaneswar have already held Connections meets. This year, alumni would meet in 20 cities of the country and abroad. Also Read - IIMC Connections 2019 Held in Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Dhenkanal, IFFCO IIMCAA Award Goes to Piyush Pandey, Jaijeet Das

The UP Chapter meet was held under Santosh Valmiki and was attended by Bhai Shelley, Kamlesh Rathore, Tarun Nishant, Pankaj Singh, Smriti Sinha, Sushil Chandra Tiwari, Amit Kanaujiya, Priyanka Singh, Ranveer Singh, and Harendra Yadav, among others. The meet lauded the IIMCAA for two new schemes launched for its members; the insurance scheme and the scholarship programme for those students who cannot afford the institute fee. Another idea that was floated was creating a WhatsApp group of members in Lucknow and the nearby areas with their blood groups so that in time of need, they can turn to alumni first. Also Read - IIMC Alumni Get Together For Meet at Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhopal

UP Chapter meet in Lucknow

The Chandigarh meet was held under the leadership of senior alumni Umesh Gharera. Addressing the meet, IIMCAA National President Prasad Sanyal spoke about the medical assistance scheme and scholarship programme. General Secretary Harshendra Singh Vardhan appealed to the members to get more active and try roping in more alumni, making the chapter a vibrant one. Senior alumni Sukhdeep Kaur, Secretary Ritesh Verma, CC Member Atul Gupta, Ajit Gupta, Jaseem ul Haq, former Treasurer Deeksha Saxena, Tarun Goswami and Pratibha Sharma also addressed the meet.