Indian Army recruitment is done after a candidate clears the entrance exams, group discussions and interview. In case a student wishes to get recruited in the Indian army he should be aware about the benefits of joining the services. Also Read - Inspiring! Meerut Woman Who Left Home To Avoid Forced Marriage Returns As PCS Officer 7 Years Later

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A candidate who gets recruited in the Indian army can be assured that he/she will definitely be promoted without any bias and their career will be a success. However, they should keep in mind not to do any to disgrace their profession.

Job satisfaction

There is tremendous job satisfaction as there will be a sense of adventure, responsibility and pride. The job as a army officer is not monotonous.

Job Security

 A candidate who gets recruited in Indian Army is assured of a dignified life.  There are also many rules and regulations to be followed for the betterment of the servicemen.

Foreign Courses and Postings

Indian army also provides opportunity for courses and postings abroad. The India Army is renowned all over the world and interaction with foreign armies is extensive. Service with UN The forces provides exposure and travel opportunities across the globe

Economic stability

Apart from the good pay, being in Indian army entitles the personnel too many hidden perks such as housing, canteen facilities among others.

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