On June 29, the sweeping Sunni jihadists of ISIS have declared captured territories as the Islamic State or the ‘caliphate’. Caliphate is an Islamic form of government which was last seen under the Ottoman Empire (which used to extend from Aleppo in Syria to Diyala in Iraq. ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been declared ‘the caliph’ and ‘leader for all the Muslims everywhere’. Also Read - Inspiring! Meerut Woman Who Left Home To Avoid Forced Marriage Returns As PCS Officer 7 Years Later

With the new developments, battlefield tactician of ISIS Baghdadi is being seen as even more powerful than the Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Under his leadership, ISIS has captured parts of five Iraqi provinces, Syrian province Deir Ezzor close to Iraq, Raqa in the north, and parts of Aleppo province in a month. Also Read - Before Reporting For Duty, This Bengaluru Cop Teaches Children of Migrant Workers Everyday For An Hour

Iraq has taken delivery of Russian warplanes SU-25s and Iraqi forces are now counter-attacking Tikrit while coordinating with recently-arrived US military advisers. Many air strikes in central Tikrit were conducted by the government security forces.
World leaders have urged Iraqi government to seek a quick political situation following April elections. Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has finally conceded that it is necessary but politicians caution that forming a new Cabinet may take more than a month. Also Read - Ready to Send Children Back to School? 78% Parents Say No, Willing to Let Kids Repeat An Academic Year

Meanwhile, Kurdish forces are quickly moving into areas from where federal forces withdrew in face of advancement of insurgents, seeking to expand their three-province autonomous region in Iraq. Kurdish leader Massud Barzani insists that Baghdad no longer has power to object to self-rule in Kirkuk area and other areas under him.

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