JEE Mains 2018: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) slammed media reports which stated that at least seven to eight questions were exactly similar to the one in mock test paper which was set by Hyderabad-headquartered Narayana Academy on Wednesday. CBSE maintained its stand and said that such reports were not true and appealed to people to not pay heed to such news. The Board in a written statement said,”CBSE reiterates that all these 7-8 questions were originally written only about two to three months back and they cannot and could not have figured in any model paper by any coaching institutions two years back.” The Board further said that people were trying to malign the name of the prestigious organisation.

CBSE also said that teachers and officials prepared 1500 items over a period of two months and made sure each of the questions were handwritten. A board official said that out of the 1500, 90 questions are randomly picked and hence a question paper is made. Once the questions were sorted, eight or nine sets are prepared.

In the JEE Mains paper, some questions of Set B Physics paper were almost identical to 2016’s mock paper issued by Narayana Academy. Four sets of question papers, numbered A to D were issued to the students on the day of the paper. Students reported that the questions were similar except for the order in which they were given. However, CBSE refuted all the claims that the questions were identical, adding that since the papers are handwritten, the moderator almost made changes in that too. In fact, the hand writing was also changed. He said that the final question paper written  in hand. After this, the moderator made many handwritten changes too. Following this, the vetter also made handwritten changes. The final handwritten version was ready only about 2-3 months back.

In fact, CBSE has now filed a written complaint against for spreading fake news regarding questions being identical to that of a mock test conducted by Narayana Academy in 2016. It has also deemed the callousness of the ‘’ website to be unpardonable. Meanwhile, the Board has also asked everyone to ascertain such kind of news before circulating it as it causes anxiety to the students and ultimately tarnishes the image of the organisation.

JEE Main 2018 was held on April 08 in offline mode. The online mode will be held on April 15 and 16. The CBSE is also slated to release the answer keys on April 24. Prospective students may check with the answer key.