India  successfully test fired the liquid fuel engine of its Mars spacecraft (Orbiter) after it entered the sphere of Mars influence earlier in the day. Also Read - Inspiring! Meerut Woman Who Left Home To Avoid Forced Marriage Returns As PCS Officer 7 Years Later

“The liquid apogee motor (LAM) was test fired at 2.30 p.m. for nearly four seconds and we got a confirmation about its success 12.5 minutes later,” a senior space agency official told IANS here. Also Read - Before Reporting For Duty, This Bengaluru Cop Teaches Children of Migrant Workers Everyday For An Hour

The 475 kg (dry mass) spacecraft with five scientific experiments to explore the celestial planet has been programmed for the fourth course (trajectory) correction later in the day (2.30 p.m.) to ensure its smooth insertion into the Martian orbit September 24 from the solar orbit. Also Read - Ready to Send Children Back to School? 78% Parents Say No, Willing to Let Kids Repeat An Academic Year

“We will also be test firing the main liquid fuel engine beneath the spacecraft for nearly four seconds to reactivate, as it was switched off after its trans-Mars injection over nine months ago (Dec 1) into the sun’s orbit for its voyage through the inter-planetary space,” state-run Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Scientific Secretary V. Koteshwara Rao said.

Indian spacecraft enters Martian sphere of influence

Image courtesy: Wikipedia